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Interesting Places - Iceland

Iceland has the highest concentration of broadband users in the world.

(Too cold for me to move there though.)

Interesting Places # 24 - Berlin

Berlin's tallest building, a television tower, will have a giant 32 metre football placed on top for the World Cup.

(Just in case anyone didn't know the World Cup is being hosted in Germany. Time to make friends / money.)

Interesting Fact # 284 - UK teachers

In the UK compensation payments to teachers following personal injuries, such as assaults by pupils, amounted to £7.6m last year.

(Pretty soon teachers will be demanding danger money.)

Interesting Fact # 283 - British money

Coins which are called "coppers", such as the penny, have been made from steel since 1992.

(The one and two pence pieces are made from copper-plated steel.)

Interesting Words # 38 - vexillologist

A flag expert is a vexillologist.

(Vexillology is the study of flag history and symbolism. The name comes from the Latin word vexillum, which means flag. The word was coined by Dr. Whitney Smith of the Flag Research Center.)

Interesting Fact # 282 - British Women

The average British woman worries about the size and shape of her body every 15 minutes.

(So, I must be due a panic attack any minute now.)

Interesting Fact # 281 - UK Prisons

England has more people in prison, per head of population, than anywhere else in western Europe.

(So, don't be naughty.)

Interesting Fact - The Dentist

Dental drills were being used by stone-age people 9,000 years ago. The drills were made from flint.

(Not very sharp then - ouch!)

Interesting Fact - The Internet

There were 30,000 applications per hour from the UK to register .eu internet addresses, on the first day that the new domain was launched.

(Ha! I didn't get the name I wanted.)

Interesting People - Sir Henry Cole

Sir Henry Cole produced the first commercial Christmas card in 1846.

(The greetings card industry in the UK, which produces 2.6 billion cards a year, has its own version of the Oscars, called the Henries, which are named after him.)

Interesting Fact # 278 - Rain

Rainfall on the roof and gutters of a typical three-bed detached house in the UK can amount to 120,000 litres each year.

(In Germany water is metered and so they collect lots of water in tanks underground or in rain butts, some of which are disguised as rocks!)

Interesting Fact # 277 - Pets in the UK

There are just over five million dog-owning households in the UK.

(I would be one of them, but I don't live there any more.)

Interesting People # 43 - Aston Barrett

Allegedly Aston Barrett, the bassist in Bob Marley's band, has 52 children.

(Seemingly he is suing for a £60m share of the late reggae singer's estate. With all those children he probably needs the money.)

Interesting Fact # 276 - Tattoos in the UK

According to a recent survey, nearly a third of people aged 25 to 34 in the UK have a tattoo.

(Not me! Oh I'm too old to have been asked anyway - sigh.)

This weekend - Easter

This Easter weekend will see 2.3 million people travelling through the UK's airports.

(All stressed, all paying over the odds, all looking for something, somewhere, someone better.)

Interesting Fact - Easter Fact

In 1971 a Cadbury Creme Egg weighed 54g. Now, Easter 2006, it is only 39g.

(No doubt it is for our own good.)

Interesting Words # 37 - facetious

The word facetious includes all the vowels in order.

(Well that's very amusing.)

Interesting Animals # 41 - Lion vs Polar Bear

In a fight between a polar bear and a lion, the polar bear would win.

(Seemingly a company called Any Question Answered came up with this scenario, but I have no idea how they would know.)

Interesting Animals # 40 - The Panda

Pandas are the only bears not to hibernate - their bamboo diet isn't sufficiently fattening.

(That's why they are always eating.)

Interesting Places # 23 - The Himalayas

The Himalayas cover one-tenth of the Earth's surface.

(I wonder if that is when they are flattened out?)

Interesting Fact - Estate Agents

Under the Estate Agents Act 1979, anyone can set up in business as one unless they have been banned by the Office of Fair Trading or are bankrupt.

(This explains a lot.)

Interesting People # 42 - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela used to steal pigs as a child.

(He made this revelation during a visit from the director and stars of the film Tsotsi, which won a Best Foreign Film Oscar. Seemingly he and friends would use the dregs of traditional beer to lure the pigs.)

Interesting Fact # 273 - The UK

Electricity for Number 10 Downing Street is supplied by a French company.

(You've got to love Europe, don't you?)

Interesting People # 41 - Jaques Chirac

Jacques Chirac spent time in his youth as a forklift driver at a US brewery.

(Which could explain why he stormed out of a session at the EU when Ernest-Antoine Seilliere said he chose English "because that is the accepted business language of Europe today".)

Interesting Fact # 272 - The UK

In the UK there are: 275,000km of gas pipes; 353,000km of sewer pipes; 396,000km of water pipes, and 482,000km of electricity cables.

(Which is why digging too deep in your garden can prove hazardous.)

Interesting Fact # 271 - TV

Blue Peter awards 1,000 badges to viewers each week.

(The recipients then go on to sell them on EBay. Is nothing sacred?)

Interesting Fact - TV

In the UK TV licences have been sold at Post Offices for more then 60 years - but will not be sold there after July.

(Seemingly you will be able to buy them in supermarkets - like everything else.)

Interesting Fact # 269 - TV

Six million people use TV subtitles, despite having no hearing impairment.

(It's nice to know I'm not alone.)

Interesting Fact # 268 - Nuclear Power

Cleaning up the UK's nuclear waste, and decommissioning of nuclear power stations, could cost £70bn.

(I wonder if the powers that be who want nuclear power capability realise this?)

Interesting Fact # 267 - Poverty

70% of the 1.2bn people living in poverty are women and children.

Source - The Independent

Interesting Fact # 266 - France

Until this week, the age limit for marriage in France was 15 for girls, but 18 for boys. The age for girls has now been raised to 18.